What Kind of Device Measures Mood?

The quick answer there are lots of them – well, at least lots of attempts. We had to ask ourselves the simple question – why hasn’t someone created a mood measuring device before? They have, in their own ways, but somehow along the way they each forgot to define its purpose. That purpose starts with the hardware device and knowing what you want to measure. 

For us, we did not like the idea of cameras or facial recognition. Although those are totally cool, to capture mood you need to monitor people in the background - not when they are posing. To do that with cameras would mean having cameras on them for long periods. For home and corporate users, we thought this was a little creepy. We opted for the hand as our medium. 

From a hardware perspective, that just left the question of how. It needed to be something not cumbersome; not just another device to carry; but something that could integrate nicely into people’s daily lives. We thought about watches, gloves, bracelets and yes, even rings. These had all been done at one time or another and while some were functional, they all seemed cumbersome – something extra you needed to carry or wear. None of these struck us as a solution that we would want ourselves. 

You will have to wait to see what we came up with. It is important to us that you know we thought long and hard about our users before deciding on a design. Think you’ve thought this through and have your own answer? We would love to hear what you think would work.


MoodZup Team