Of all things, why mood?


Do you remember mood rings? Okay, we all knew it had little to do with our actual mood. But, we loved to wear them and pretend. They changed color.  We would get so excited when they changed to green or dark blue because those were the best. A group of us couldn't let the concept go. As we wore our Fitbits, our UPs, and read about all of the wonderful connected-self things that would be coming our way, we were stuck on mood. Why?

There are lots of reasons we found mood so compelling. Probably the biggest was the fun of it.  It takes us back to a world of simpler pleasures. Mood is also mysterious and elusive to capture.  It's also not singular.  We noticed our mood is impacted by those around us.  This got us thinking about the mood of groups.  

Our mood discovery journey began. The first stage focuses on the ability to gain insight into ourselves. From there, we will embark on a grand experiment exploring the relationship of how moods of groups cluster around the breakfast table, around work, in our cities, our countries and even our cultures.  

We believe we are more alike than different.  We believe we can learn from observing the moods of groups with like-interests. We hope to never fill out another survey to tell people how we feel. We would love your participation on what we expect will be a journey of great discovery.  

The MoodZup Team