We are a group of engineers who love art, artists who appreciate engineering, and social scientist wannabes that are simply curious about how our moods impact not just our lives, but the lives of those around us. We thought mood rings were cool back in the day so we thought to ourselves, why not make a modern day equivalent?

It was easier said than done. We have been experimenting with prototype after prototype for months. We want to get it as close to right as we can and of course we have a few design criteria:

  • It has to be cool looking

  • It has to be networkable

  • It has to be intuitive

When it is complete we plan on introducing it on a Kickstarter. If you would like to be a beta customer and be added to our notification list, feel free to give us your email. 

Our MoodZup team is on a mission - to up the mood! We are creating a moodment, a movement of mood. We hope to give individuals insight and along the way uncover some of the mysteries of how groups of moods interact and impact one another. Help us create the world's largest collection of mood data by signing on to become a beta customer. The rest of the world is interested to see how their moods compare with yours. Become part of the solution and join the conversations on our social media.